Datalog releases “FLOOR​/​/​6” by Sour Gout

Datalog is a relatively new label entity in the vaporwave scene, founded Summer 2018 by Milly to create a curated space for progressive electronic music (sometimes related to vaporwave, sometimes not) and compact disc releases. FLOOR​/​/​6 is their fifth release, and it comes to you from Sour Gout – an experimental artist who’s been active in the vaporwave scene for almost seven years by now. FLOOR​/​/​6 is less noisy than some other releases by Sour Gout, mostly playing up the ambient-esque electronica for which Datalog has become known. The additional blurb makes it sound as if this is to elicit feelings of virtual reality living in the far future – 2516, to be precise (a number that has shown up in a few other Sour Gout works such as VIENNA//2516). FLOOR​/​/​6 is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $8 USD on compact disc.

Check it out below:



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