Bogus Collective releases “Commercial Break” by BALENTSバランス

Wow, we haven’t heard from BALENTSバランス in a while. BALENTSバランス was mostly active around 2013, where he released a string of albums (some of which found themselves on the original Vaporwave Ultra Guide archived by /mu/). He also acted as the creative head behind the Beer Wizard label, which folded following financial difficulties. Commercial Break is a full-length of all new material, featuring thirteen tracks of vaporhop music with melodic influences from hypnagogic drift. There’s a number of features on this ablum, including Enylobe, Sea of Dogs, Phoenix #2772, and Riverwave 川の波. Choice track is “Bridgestone Tires”. Commercial Break is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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