AOTW | 22 October – 28 October: GAMESHARK™ – SHARK 2 パラサイトシングル

(More like “album of the month” by this point, right?)

Following catch-up days with new music, we’re now starting our next set of AOTW features with SHARK 2 パラサイトシングル by GAMESHARK™. Don’t let the meme-esque album title (and artwork) fool you; GAMESHARK™ isn’t an artist who simply makes some cheesy one-tone release; SHARK 2 パラサイトシングル is a full-length with some heft to it. This classic-style album incorporates lugubrious, depressing edits of classic-style vaporwave music. There’s reverb and watery production that recalls work from DARKPYRAMID’s early material, as if the speakers are being played underwater – and not in a happy way like a mallsoft album that purports to be from a seaside resort. This is more like being deep underwater and not knowing if there’s actually a way out, with a resignedness instead of panic. Intense, huh? It’s also notable for incorporating samples but in a way that isn’t quite obvious whether it’s actually a sample or original material, making SHARK 2 パラサイトシングル one of the first in a line of releases that involve meta-sampling, where the line between samplism and original production is blurred if non-existent – at least insofar as the ears can tell.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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