Geometric Lullaby releases “Now I Lay Me Down In Dreamland” by MindSpring Memories

Now I Lay Me Down In Dreamland was originally released in January 2017 through the Elemental 95 label, but it now has a new home on Geometric Lullaby. This album comes from MindSpring Memories. It’s a trippy, even psychedelic hypnagogic drift odyssey that takes the listener through various ambient, glitched-out soundscapes crated through classic-style vaporwave production techniques. I’d go so far as to recommend it for fans of FLORAL SHOPPE by MACINTOSH PLUS since both have that twisted, effed-up aesthetic; although Now I Lay Me Down In Dreamland has a higher production acumen and uses more tricks. Choice tracks are “Morphing Listening Port” and opener “Return to Heaven: Accepted”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; the cassette edition is already sold out (and it went FAST).

Check it out below:



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