Hellscape Recordings releases “Firewalker” by Digital Anger

At the beginning of 2018, it seemed like hardvapour was pretty much over. Dream Catalogue was no longer interested in the genre, opting more toward experimental electronic music and dark ambient (not too far from their start, in fact). Antifur was strolling along with no major releases, and HVRF was all but closed. Hellscape Recordings has filled that void. This label is based out of Detroit, Michigan that exclusively releases noise-influenced industrial techno with samplism – and they sure as hell play up the “noise” aesthetic.

Firewalker by Digital Anger is their newest release. This is a nine-track album with a strong industrial metal influence, especially considering the vocals on “Firewalker (The Voice)” and others. The album depicts a burning hellscape (heh), and the music isn’t too far from exactly that milieu. Listen to “Wondering” for a good time. Recommended for fans of The Haxan Cloak, The Body, and Revenge. It’s available for $5 USD as a digital download and for $8 USD on CD in an unlisted edition.

Check it out below:



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