PLUS 100 releases “Scared of the Dark” by Love Potion

PLUS 100 is an Atlanta, GA label run by VAPERROR, who’s well-respected within the vaporwave community for releasing the vaportrap album Mana Pool back in 2013. Most of their releases over the last year have been reissues of community-recognized albums and other albums from VAPERROR’s artists past. Scared of the Dark is eight tracks in a half hour that’s filled with drill ‘n’ bass electronica alongside IDM percussion textures. Basically – you’re in for a good time if you have any remote interest in dancing or bass frequencies. Choice track is “Arcade Cabinet Possession”, which samples old-school arcade sounds. Scared of the Dark is available for $6.66 USD as a digital download and for $22 USD on vinyl in an edition of 250.

Check it out below:



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