Seaside Tapes releases “憂鬱. (melancholy​​.​​)” by LANsv.

Seaside Tapes brings back the fun, silly seaside aesthetic of vaporwave music. Think of a fever dream in Miami, FL, and you’ve got what this label does. 憂鬱. (melancholy​​.​​) is a new full-length release from LANsv., released this week. Tracks include classic-style edits of contemporary R&B and long ambient/drone pieces (e.g. “tonal.”), making it fun for the whole family. There are remixes of songs by Aphex Twin, Subaeris, and Flume. 憂鬱. (melancholy​​.​​) is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; 25 percent of proceeds go to the SEA Life Trust Charity.

Check it out below:



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