Sunbleach grew out of the Songsavers blog written and edited by former WVFS Tallahassee (89.7FM) disc jockey and MusicOMH writer Dylan Kilby. Originally featuring a plethora of reviews from albums in his music library from years of activity within the professional and amateur music clime, Dylan shifted his attention and began to focus primarily on the genres of vaporwave and heavy metal1 toward the end of 2015.

Sunbleach is a music web site devoted to vaporwave music, a genre that encompasses the re-contextualization of easy listening, mall muzak, and early electronic music through the aesthetics of early computer culture, east Asian language/culture,2 and retro-futurist visualizations of the digital age. The majority of vaporwave artists utilize selective sampling and curation in order to create their works, although there is a sizable population of artists who use partially or entirely original material in the production process.

Although most articles focus on album reviews and criticism, content also includes various features and articles analyzing vaporwave trends, subgenres, and other aspects of the scene.

2… for the most part. However, there are plenty of artists who don’t use this.