DMT Tapes FL releases “Purple Palm” by Purple Palm

Gosh, I love those gated drums so much. They scream of eighties. Purple Palm is a new self-titled EP available through DMT Tapes FL, a Floridian label that primarily releases classic-style vaporwave and associated subgenres. This release has five tracks of midtempo muzak, smooth jazz, and other instrumental music. Choice track is “Sparkle Supreme”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Beachside Breeze” by ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ

Beachside Breeze continues DMT Tapes FL’s series of classic-style vaporwave albums with a surreal get-up. This album is from ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ, and it’s a nine-track release that’s a bit longer than most of the other DMT releases, with all but one track stretching to five or six minutes. These songs are repetitive explorations of remixing adult contemporary and pop music, with […]

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Pizza Beast releases “I’ll Miss You, Starship One” by .mp3Neptune

I’ll Miss You, Starship One .mp3Neptune’s follow-up to I Love You, Saturn City, which was originally released in 20XX. This album continues where the previous one left off, being composed of hypnagogic edits of adult contemporary and pop music with breakbeat percussion and tons of ambient influences. Lots of ambient vaporwave albums try to hit the “drifting in space” milieu, […]

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