AOTW | 12 November – 18 November: チェスマスター – Infinity of a Void

TKX Vault is one of the most notable “underground” labels in vaporwave. Underground? Wait, isn’t the whole genre underground? Well yes, but hear me out for a second. “Underground” in vaporwave is generally a bit more experimental, a bit more risky, and generally weirder. These are the labels and artists that you won’t always find just be scouring top ten […]

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Tracking Waves releases “Love For Eternity: Proceed To Gate ∞” by Modern Fountains

Tracking Waves brings you a new full-length from Modern Fountains called Love For Eternity: Proceed To Gate ∞. This is a fairly unique release, merging mallsoft and slushwave with a ton of emphasis on phaser. It includes a variety of samples from contemporary music and 80s/90s hits that are pitch-/tempo-shifted into oblivion, with the results being not too far from […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Golden God” by Hudson Primitive

Golden God is a concept EP dedicated to the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from the artist Hudson Primitive. Released through DMT Tapes FL as a part of the label’s fourth anniversary, Golden God is four tracks of filtered sample curation with instrumental adult contemporary music and finished off with some truly classic-style vaporwave in the minute-fifteen track “The […]

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