Fantasy Deluxe releases “☆420 Deluxe☆☆☆ SUMMER​​~​​NiTES-MEGAMIX☆ 2 . 0” by ☆420永遠に☆

Now that is an album title. ☆420 Deluxe☆☆☆ SUMMER​​~​​NiTES-MEGAMIX☆ 2 . 0 is, well, the megamix of the titular album by ☆420永遠に☆ – newly issued through the Fantasy Deluxe label. This release presents the full uninterrupted edit of the original album in a full forty-five minutes as remixed by a host of artists. The effect gives the album a tape […]

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Swamp Circle releases “Students of the Spine” by Muscle Oxygen

Swamp Circle is one of those labels that really puts the “noise” in “vapornoise” – and it’s one for which the tag “experimental” may be used without that sounding totally cliche. The label is primarily the project of Angel Marcloid, who handles all of the releases’ album artworks and is also responsible for a significant portion of the music. Students […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Home Vacationin’ ホームバケーション” by I-95 Exit-98- Santee, South Carolina USA & Suncoast Parkway

This one’s title and artist takes a second of explaining. DMT Tapes FL has several continuous, thematic projects (such as “through the city”), one of which explores a variety of cities, towns, and places along a drive through I-95, a prominent interstate highway on the East Coast of the US that stretches from Maine to Key West, FL. All album […]

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