AOTW | 8 August – 14 August: вовчі особи – вовки тіні

This week’s (admittedly late) AOTW is the creepy-yet-fascinating вовки тіні, or Wolves Shadow by the enigmatic вовчі особи. This album lies in the dank, dreary world of deathdream; a style that utilizes the surreal atmospheres of dreampunk but with a decidedly morbid, dark atmosphere that far surpasses anything else in the genre. вовки тіні is only two tracks, but in […]

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猫 シ Corp. – OASYS 博物館

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OASYS 博物館1 is one of, well, quite a few albums by 猫 シ Corp.2, whose various collaborations and features – in addition to solo material – amount to over seventy releases since Global Catwork dropped in the summer of 2013. Many of these releases swim about in the realm of “hypnagogic drift,” a style of swirling, mostly ambient […]

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Prevue Guide releases “Experiences™ Class M Archipelago (31​-​cdc7b) Settlement Group A” by CD-ROM

Prevue Guide released a rather curious album this weekend. It’s the mouthful of a title Experiences™ Class M Archipelago (31​-​cdc7b) Settlement Group A by CD-ROM. The album imparts an adventure into outer space, utilizing a variety of musical tropes from non-Western music sources, Western classical music, Caribbean music, and even a bit of ECCOJAMS. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital […]

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