AOTW | 6 June – 12 June: Daniel Lopatin – Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1

Continuing last week’s focus on early vaporwave, this week’s AOTW is Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1. This album pioneered the extreme chopped-and-screwed style of recognizable pop songs that launched its own couple of subgenres in addition to influencing artists such as Vektroid (e.g. Floral Shoppe, as Macintosh Plus) and Nmesh. It’s narcotic and trippy; Lopatin’s vaporwave classic is an excellent […]

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AOTW | 30 May – 5 June: 骨架的 – Skeleton

The Album-of-the-Week for Sunbleach‘s inaugural week is the quintessential Skeleton by New York City producer 骨架的.1 One of the earliest albums of the vaporwave genre, Skeleton featured the extreme slowed-down samples that became nigh-ubiquitous with the scene, in addition to facilitating the aesthetic of East Asian influences in utilizing the Chinese Script in the eponym. A far cry from the […]

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Album of the Week

Each week, Sunbleach celebrates a new featured album or label of particular importance – historical, critical, etc. – to the vaporwave scene. Check back each Monday for a new album, or scroll below for former AOTW.   2018 12 November – 18 November: チェスマスター – Infinity of a Void 5 November – 11 November: Channel 505 – 日本の天気と気候 29 October […]

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