AOTW | 26 February – 4 March: Darksleep – Obviate

Closing out February as our fourth album-of-the-week for 2018 is Obviate by Darksleep. Darksleep started off in 2014 with Identity Ender, which – for coming relatively late in the vaporwave game – sounded more like a 2011 ECCOJAMS album than most of the releases in 2011. However, Darksleep quickly changed tones to darker and more ambient-influenced albums, which culminated in […]

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AOTW | 19 February – 25 February: Qebaxugon – ��▀̿▀̿▀̿ �☐ � ☐� ▀̿▀̿▀̿��

Hardvapour is notable for its incorporation of industrial and noise music into techno beats. For most artists and albums, the “noise” stops at static overlays or significant distortion. Qebaxugon, on the other hand, did not. ��▀̿▀̿▀̿ �☐ � ☐� ▀̿▀̿▀̿�� (and no, your browser didn’t die – that’s the name of the album) is a noise release to the fullest […]

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[Feature] 2017 Community End-of-the-Year Lists

Welcome to the second annual end-of-the-year list feature on Sunbleach! As with last year, Sunbleach hosts a curated space for artists, community members, label owners, and more to submit their annual discussions or personal lists on vaporwave for the year. Sunbleach does not publish an official album countdown, and instead any end-of-the-year postings will be those of the community. Last […]

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