[Feature] 2017 Community End-of-the-Year Lists

Welcome to the second annual end-of-the-year list feature on Sunbleach! As with last year, Sunbleach hosts a curated space for artists, community members, label owners, and more to submit their annual discussions or personal lists on vaporwave for the year. Sunbleach does not publish an official album countdown, and instead any end-of-the-year postings will be those of the community. Last […]

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[Feature] Guide to Vaporwave Guides

  Vaporwave is a big genre.[citation needed] One of its most unique elements is its ability to facilitate easy and anonymous/pseudonymous releasing of new music. This has led to a veritable explosion of new music at several points within vaporwave’s lifespan – and to a number of community-made guides that attempt to curate the thousands (if not tens of thousands) […]

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[Feature] Refresh: S U R F I N G – Deep Fantasy

Refresh/i> is a series of articles that revisits albums that received inadequate or erroneous interpretations by Sunbleach in the past. The goal of these articles is to examine the albums under a new light with discussions on what earlier articles possibly got wrong in their original recommendations. The first album to be discussed is the chillwave/classic-style vaporwave release Deep Fantasy […]

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