[Weekly Recap] 7 May – 13 May

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Recap for 7 May through 13 May. Not as much music this week, with only one release over the weekend. There’s one exception though: Malachite Records, in its continued process of revitalization, released another large set of albums by International Debris on Friday (11 May) with accompanying liner notes that detail information about […]

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[Weekly Recap] 30 April – 6 May

Two big points of news over the last few days, new music notwithstanding. First of all, the Dream Catalogue label recently announced a large series of pre-orders for reissues of cassettes for a variety of previous releases. Some of these include long sought-after releases like the split between Nmesh and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, HK […]

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[Weekly Recap] 9 April – 15 April

Hello, and good readings everyone. Here’s the installment of the weekly recap series from 9-15 April 2018. This week was primarily heavy in ambient vaporwave, vaporgoth, and hypnagogic drift, with several notable releases from labels like Seikomart, Sunset Grid, and Flamingo Vapor. Additionally, the deadline for Night Light Tapes’ lo-fi vaporwave compilation FIDELITY ZERO is coming up on April 20th. […]

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