Lost Angles re-releases “孤独” by CORPORATE災害 on cassette

Ambient vaporwave album 孤独 by CORPORATE災害 is getting a cassette re-release by Canadian label Lost Angles. This six-track album was originally self-released on 13 January 2016; its cassette run currently has an unlisted edition, but they are available for immediate purchase for $8 Canadian or more. Check it out below:   孤独 by CORPORATE災害 0

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Entropy Magazine publishes “The Essential Albums of Vaporwave”

Entropy Magazine is a webzine dedicated to music criticism. This week, they released an article titled “The Essential Albums of Vaporwave” while dissecting the scene and its influences. It’s quite a good article, featuring albums such as death’s dynamic shroud.wmv’s I’ll Try Living Like This, Vaperror’s Mana Pool, and 2 8 1 4’s 新しい日の誕生. Check it out

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TKX Vault closes down

In an announcement coinciding with the release of Hong Kong Express by Hong Kong Express, the experimental electronic/vaporwave label TKX Vault has officially closed. Hong Kong Express is the fiftieth release within the Vault (formerly known as Tokyo Exchange), and with its release the label will no longer feature new albums. The label’s music will still be accessible for the […]

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