[Weekly Recap] 19 February – 25 February

Good afternoon/evening/morning/etc. everyone, and thanks for reading Sunbleach. Lots of releases these past few weeks from the Sea of Clouds label, including a straight-up vaporwave album that is a bit different from their typical albums of ambient vaporwave and hypnagogic drift. Also of note is the closure of the Acid Medical label due to administrative circumstances – and if you’d […]

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Acid Medical closes down, deletes catalogue

The kidcore/post-vore label run by Lyndon of BLCR Laboratories has shut its doors and deleted almost all of its catalogue following administrative issues. The label had put together a mythos of artists and projects being “killed off”, but apparently the idea was no longer something that Lyndon wished to pursue. Lyndon has stated that all outstanding orders for physical merchandise […]

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