Seikomart releases “Madonna” by fremy speedraw

Here’s a brief, new EP from Seikomart by the artist fremy speedraw. Madonna is five tracks of hypnagogic drift mixed with lo-fi hip-hop. Each exists for just barely a minute before fading back into the aether. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   Madonna by fremy speedraw 0

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Bogus Collective releases “Surfing the Net!” by Synectis Internet Services

Full-width text? Sounds like classic-style vaporwave to me! Surfing the Net! by Synectis Internet Services is a ten-track mini-album of exceptionally lo-fi sample curation that sounds like a rip from extraordinarily degraded magnetic tape. Recommended for fans of the DMT Tapes FL label, especially stuff from the 2014 season that was primarily focused on this kind of wall-of-sound classic-style music. […]

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Elemental 95 releases “Beat Tape 1 : 圧力” by BALENTSバランス & 病人KNIFEDOG

Elemental 95 is back with the first of several releases announced last week. Beat Tape 1 : 圧力 is a split album between BALENTSバランス and 病人KNIFEDOG, the former being the head of the Beer Wizard label. Both side utilize lo-fi vaporhop music, with BALENTSバランス’s having more to do with classic-style vaporwave/lo-fi hip-hop and 病人KNIFEDOG’s side having breakbeat influences. Worth checking […]

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