[News] TKX Vault starts up again, issues new music, deletes several albums

TKX Vault was a label run as an imprint of Dream Catalogue that primarily focused on experimental, drone, and noise-based releases within the contexts of both vaporwave (especially the early albums) and dreampunk. The label’s original run went from September 2014 to June 2016, with a one-off release by ULTRACOMPUTER silently issued after the label’s closure in October 2016. With […]

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[Feature] Refresh, Rewind: S U R F I N G – Deep Fantasy

Refresh, Rewind is a series of articles that revisits albums that received inadequate or erroneous interpretations by Sunbleach in the past. The goal of these articles is to examine the albums under a new light with discussions on what earlier articles possibly got wrong in their original recommendations. The first album to be discussed is the chillwave/classic-style vaporwave release Deep […]

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[Admin] Sickbleach

Hey readers, quick admin note that the relative silence this week has been due to a respiratory illness that has totally knocked me out for the past several days. I’m feeling tons better now! Just need one more evening to recuperate. New music updates are scheduled for tomorrow morning, and then album articles will start back up either tomorrow evening […]

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