[Announcement] Community 2017 End-of-the-Year List Solicitation

As with last year, Sunbleach is foregoing the publication of a formal end-of-the-year list in favor of hosting community-made lists. Last year’s announcement stated that “Most ‘top’ lists in music media are pretty easy to anticipate, and the need for a cohesive “ranked” document risks foregoing or being ignorant of experimental, lesser-run, or otherwise unknown releases with which fans may […]

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[Admin] Sunbleach Facebook page now available

Sunbleach Media now has a Facebook page that you can follow for information and updates, accessible here. This account will primarily be used to advertise featured articles, album articles, and other major news updates within the vaporwave community. For other information including new album announcements and smaller vaporwave news, please follow the Sunbleach Twitter page (@Sunbleach_Media). Feel welcome to post […]

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[News] Weekly Recap: 30 October – 5 November

Good evening, ladies and gentleman of vaporwave (and relatives). See below for the weekly recap from 30 October 2017 through 5 November 2017. Mostly a hot week for ambient and experimental flavors of vaporwave!   News Saturday, 4 November Ephemeral Dream releases its first album, 1992 by CMD094   New Music Monday, 30 October 忠ps2節_ワーdevシュ_産code業 – Pieces from the Workbench, […]

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