Pizzabox Society announces Summer Beats CD Sale

The Pizzabox Society is launching its Summer Beats CD Sale today, whereby customers may purchase any of six releases by six different artists for $8 per release. Those on sale include PZA’s HOLLOWGRAPHIC CAVERNS, .mp3Neptune’s I Love You, Saturn City, Kierious’ Hard Drive Life (Cerddoriaeth y meddwi afiach),1 Dusk Horizon’s Grid, natrium’s epileg, and one that is to-be-announced. Check out […]

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Happy VCR Day!

There’s a holiday for everything (as the cliche goes!), and 7 June is VCR Day. Celebrate your fondness for this nineties/early noughties digital medium with some VHS tapes from Lost Angles, and watch this video below from ABC 13 News in Houston for some crazy kids and their lack of understanding of this (clearly superior) format.   0

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“Vapor Space” social networking site launches Beta

Vaporwave producer Ichi Sound of Phoenix, AZ launched the beta version of a social networking site exclusively for vaporwave fans and artists called “Vapor Space.” The site is, topically, a re-skinned version of the Facebook social networking site with vaporwave aesthetics and marketing. There is currently no “https://” in the URL; those who are interested can access Vapor Space here. […]

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