VCR releases “2019​-​2023 / A Guide to a Level Playing Field of Human Reality ▶️ ⏸” by FL XL

After a period of less releases than usual, Verbatim Consciousness Recordings (related to DMT Tapes FL, owned and operated by VitoJames) is back with a mega-release titled 2019​-​2023 / A Guide to a Level Playing Field of Human Reality ▶️ ⏸ by FL XL. This album is fifty tracks of sample curation, classic-style vaporwave, and a host of other stuff, […]

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Saphron Squares releases “OCEAN`89” by 音 LIGHT システム

音 LIGHT システム is one of the progenitors of vaportrap/vaporhop music – along with Blank Banshee. Most listeners know him from Buy Milk, which was one of the earliest releases on Dream Catalogue (and was reissued on cassette not too long ago). Saphron Squares is the artist’s personal label through which he releases most of his work and occasionally other […]

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Sunset Grid releases “The Grid Tapes Vol. 2” compilation

Fans of Sunset Grid will be happy about this: the second compilation of music from the label is now here. The Grid Tapes Vol. 2 contains twelve tracks from bluescreen, danger.ファルコン.1989, synchro//start, ミスト M Y S T, Outer 神殿, and ΔCID.rar. The tracks generally consist of classic-style vaporwave, hypnagogic drift, and vaporhop. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, and […]

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