Seikomart releases “NEGATIVE SPACE” by LUMINO

Seikomart is back with some fun from LUMINO and the album NEGATIVE SPACE. This release is a VHS pop, easy listening release that sounds like modern muzak with a couple scratches on the disc. The album’s fifteen tracks feature several songs with Japanese spoken-word bits paired alongside classic-style vaporwave production and slowed-down pop/R&B tracks. Give it a spin if you’re […]

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Online Records releases “shee​-​shee​-​yo​:​nombres” by HITECH NUMBERS

Here’s more weirdness from Online Records, a vapornoise (or vapor/noise) label that was established just this year. shee​-​shee​-​yo​:​nombres comes from the project HITECH NUMBERS, and it fits the Online Records bill of strange, ECCOJAMS-influenced noise music that is far more about abrasiveness and unsettement than it is about any traditional sense of musicality. The album’s three songs sound like two […]

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Naughty Night Records releases “drown” by waterfront dining

Here’s more music from waterfront dining, this time out on Naughty Night Records. drown is an easy listening/adult contemporary curation album, featuring the waterfront dining standard of minimally-edited samples that’s heavy on the nostalgia for the 80s/90s in whatever way the listeners chooses to remember such. A few tracks have more equalization/editing than others; “lavender nights” is definitely more lo-fi […]

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