VCR releases “Approaches” by Golden Memories

Here’s another VCR/DMT Tapes FL release: Approaches by Golden Memories. This album is straightforward sampling from old-school pop, easy listening, and soul music. Tracks have that fine layer of dust over them that gives each song a dated sound, which is appropriate for these samples. “Occasions” has a feature from Latinwave artist BABEFAKE, who gives the track a vaguely future […]

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Evaporated Sounds releases “Farewell: Second Floor” by 未来: Ergo

Is “Evaporated Sounds” a purposeful play on the word “vapor”? I just noticed that. Anyway, Farewell: Second Floor is the follow-up to 未来: Ergo’s Farewell, released earlier this fall. Farewell: Second Floor is a mix between hypnagogic drift and mallsoft, taking place within an imaginary (and what I assume to be abandoned) air terminal. As with Farewell, it’s sterile, but […]

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VCR releases “Taruma” by Riverwave 川の波

So much comes out of DMT Tapes FL / Verbatim Consciousness Recordings, that it’s almost hard to keep up with it all! Taruma is from Riverwave 川の波, and it’s future funk mixed with classic-style vaporwave, a style that’s popular within the DMT Tapes FL family. “Cute Memories(。◕‿◕。) かわいい思い出” gets a bit trappy, too. The release is only six tracks long, […]

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