Elemental 95 releases “Internet Dating 1.5” by CYBEREALITYライフ

Floridian record label released new music by CYBEREALITYライフ yesterday, titled Internet Dating 1.5. It’s set up as a concept album of a late-night DJ performing the end of his shift. The music is classic-style vaporwave, with plenty of smooth jazz/easy listening/R&B samples with substantial applied effects. It’s a short release – less than a half hour in length. Internet Dating […]

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Illuminated Paths releases “Audio Scrap Booking” by Subversive Intentions

The prolific label Illuminated Paths released new music by Subversive Intentions yesterday on the label’s bandcamp page. Audio Scrap Booking is field-recording-esque, although samples are taken from media and non-English sources in true vaporwave form. It’s quite avant-garde, and a bit different from the label’s typical releases (if they even have a type). It’s available for $6 as a digital […]

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Business Casual releases “Escape to New York” by Ursula’s Cartridges

First and foremost, “Ursula’s Cartridges” has to be one of the better vaporwave band names I’ve ever heard. I can’t necessarily explain why; I just love it. Anyway, Business Casual’s weekly release is Escape to New York by Ursula’s Cartridges, and it’s a future-funk album with significant inspiration from retro-electro music. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Cassette editions […]

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