ACID MEDICAL releases “Infinite Solar Fields” by 2047

2047 is a moniker of the owner and operator of ACID MEDICAL, a highly experimental label that releases dreampunk and vaporwave music influenced by dark ambient, noise music, and drone. Infinite Solar Fields flows hard on the “drone” side; it’s a three-track EP of soft, barely-changing drone that almost lapses into lowercase. Recommended for fans of Guardian by Virtual Dream […]

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Acid Medical releases “20,000” by Rain Forest

Released two days before Infinite Solar Fields by 2047 is new music from Rain Forest. 20,000 is the second full-length released by this moniker on Acid Medical, the experimental noise/drone/vaporwave/dreampunk label. This album consists of six tracks between three and twenty minutes in length with tons of the slowly evolving drone music by which Acid Medical and projects such as […]

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Acid Medical releases “a skyless future” by emotion x

Acid Medical released a new two-track EP called a skyless future by the pseudonymous artist emotion x yesterday. This release consists of dreampunk and ambient drone-sounding music. It references BLCR Laboratories in the track “bloody carpet”; Bloody Carpet was the label’s original name before changing some time last year. It’s fitting, seeing as how one of the heads of BLCR […]

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