Acid Medical releases “Total Destruction” by Thunder Dash

Acid Medical might be releasing albums more often than once per month now; Total Destruction by Thunder Dash represents the enigmatic label’s second release of February 2017. Total Destruction consists of three tracks: a two-minute glitch intro, a twelve-minute drone track, and a three-and-a-half minute remix that has a bit in common with Windows 98の’s production style (especially NOW THAT’S […]

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Acid Medical releases “WALLED CITY” by SLЏMS

Here’s some new stuff out from Acid Medical, a “medicalcore” label with ties to BLCR Laboratories and Dream Catalogue. WALLED CITY is… I’m starting to run out of buzzwords. Ambient hardvapor? Anti-vaporwave? Dark techno? Whatever. Tracks feature distorted keyboard leads played against moderate-high tempo bass kicks, occasionally with syncopation. Recommended if you’re into Acid Medical and their kinds of releases, […]

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ACID MEDICAL releases “UNDERDOSE” by メディカル

Here’s something new from a label we have yet to cover: ACID MEDICAL, a trippy Internet find that has the appearance of a manic pixie Japanese distributor. The fonts and presentation are cheap-looking, vibrant, and clashing; and most of their album artworks feature scenes from anime or heavily-filtered photographs. The label’s five albums released thus far are primarily within the […]

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