Adhesive Sounds releases “Gyoza District” by Gyoza District

Summer sucks. It’s coarse and rough and irritating – and it gets everywhere. Gyoza District is cool, downtempo music that might help to alleviate that stupid heat. This full-length is freshly out on Adhesive Sounds. It’s ten tracks of instrumental chillwave music with some elements of vaporhop and lo-fi hip-hop. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $10 […]

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AOTW | 6 June – 11 June: CVLTVRΣ – Virtual Life

We’re going classic-style on Sunbleach this week! Virtual Life is the debut album by CVLTVRΣ, who also produces as TASPO. Virtual Life is a mix between classic-style vaporwave and vaportrap music, mostly sampling from Japanese pop songs. As is the custom with CVLTVRΣ/TASPO releases, the production is is free from artifacts, so Virtual Life is a clear listening experience regardless […]

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Adhesive Sounds releases “This Is Reverbnetics” by バーチャルボーイA T S U x Lisergishnu

Here’s a new collaboration between バーチャルボーイA T S U and Lisergishnu out on Adhesive Sounds. Both artists have been producing music for a while within the vaporwave scene, and the former is no stranger to collaborative albums in the vaporwave community. This Is Reverbnetics is kinda ambient-ish, lo-fi music with a retro electronica aesthetic. Think of what some of Brian […]

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