Antifur releases “Diamohn” by Elvii Marten

wosX (or “Wolf”) once said that he wanted to influence hardvapour to be diverse enough that anything released through Antifur could be labeled “hardvapour” and be right. Diamohn by Elvii Marten demonstrates that with one of Antifur’s most ambient releases yet. Whereas most hardvapour primarily focuses on influenced from gabber, industrial techno, and noise music releases with a distinct hard-hitting […]

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Dark Triad Records releases “[​[​[​]​]​]” by PB9000

[​[​[​]​]​] is a new release on the enigmatic Dark Triad Records, a label that claims to be from Antarctica and take place in some questionable research initiatives. In contrast to the noisy and avant-garde releases in the label’s catalogue, [​[​[​]​]​] is very ambient, with some stylistic similarities to the ambient hardvapour released by HVRF (especially in its early days). A […]

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HVRF releases “rot” by Sour Gout

rot is a new five-track EP from Sour Gout that’s out through the hardvapour label HVRF. rot continues the noisy, experimental qualities of Transformations (released through Asura Revolver) and takes it on a somewhat ambient bent that’s fitting for the ambient hardvapour that HVRF has released in the past. Recommended for fans of Hantasi. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital […]

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