tech noir – 齐

Recommendation: ✂ (“實驗-B405”) tech noir is a side project of 회사auto, one of the foremost artists in the convergence between vaporwave, IDM, and instrumental hip-hop. In contrast to the main project’s energy,1 this one is extremely ambient, with a preponderance of albums that utilize long, (mostly) wordless, beatless samples that evoke a cinematic feel, although the latter albums take considerable […]

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BLCR Laboratories double release: “Best of BLCR Y. 1” and “HUSH”

BLCR Laboratories dropped two releases yesterday. They’re the long-awaited Best of BLCR Y. 1 compilation and HUSH by boocanan. The former album is a sixteen-track long album that is comprised of many artists who released music on the label during its first year of existence. The second album is long-form dreampunk/classic-style vaporwave; it’s five tracks long in about forty minutes […]

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Advanced Materials releases “Our lakehouse at the edge of the universe” by we are not of importance

New music from Advanced Materials: it’s Our lakehouse at the edge of the universe by we are not of importance (typset in no caps). Originally self-released in early June, this album is a dark ambient vaporwave release with considerable influence from space music. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   Our lakehouse at the edge […]

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