Illuminated Paths releases “SORROW” by NAROPA RAUDIVE

The always-prolific Illuminated Paths record label out of Florida recently put out the newest album by NAROPA RAUDIVE, titled Sorrow. It’s an ambient vaporwave release with substantial downtempo electronica textures. The album is available for $6 as a digital download and for $7 on cassette format in an edition of twenty-five. Check it out below:   SORROW by NAROPA RAUDIVE […]

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Beer on the Rug’s June release is ROMANTIC COLLECTION, a series of ambient vaporwave tracks inspired by space and synth music of the eighties and nineties. It’s extremely new-agey (e.g. “Crisping Lover’s Theme”) and nature-themed (e.g. “The Drowned World”). The album is available for $9.99 as a digital download. Check it out below:   ROMANTIC COLLECTION by ANGEL DUST DEALERS […]

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Telepath releases the “仮想夢女の子” compilation of Virtual Dream Plaza tracks

Virtual Dream Plaza (published as “仮想夢プラザ”) is one of the largest, most prolific projects within ambient vaporwave, if not within the entire vaporwave scene. It’s one of the monikers through which t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 releases his music, and is consists entirely of half-hour-long releases of ethereal soundscapes with imagery of Japanese women in dreamy, […]

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