Antifur releases “Selected Works (1964​-​1970)” by Ken Otsuka

Selected Works (1964​-​1970) is purported to be a formerly-lost selection of compositions from producer Ken Otsuka, found by the creators over at Antifur last week while traveling in Japan. The eight tracks here are probably best described as lo-fi samples of East Asian traditional music with a sample curation vibe – although given that it’s antifur, it could very well […]

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Antifur releases “Loathe” by Infinity Meter

Loathe is a brief, four-track EP from Infinity Meter and is now available through Antifur. Loathe is best seen as a remix-techno album, despite being released on a hardvapour giant. Opening track “Falling Forever” features distorted yet plaintive techno synths with autotuned male vocals with a simple drum machine beat. Recommended for fans of ambient hardvapour – maybe. It’s available […]

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