Antifur releases “Tuned” by Álom

Does hardvapor kinda turn you off? Then give this a shot. Tuned by Álom is a ten-track album out on the (in)famous hardvapor label Antifur that’s heavily inspired by dreampunk and modern cyberpunk music rather than the crazy dark techno that typically informs hardvapor. Recommended for fans of Kamokata and modern Oneohtrix Point Never. Hell, just listen to it. It’s […]

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Antifur releases “New Earth” by Wolf

Wolf is the new alias of wosx (previously known as WolfesteinOSX). New Earth is an eleven-minute track released last night on Antifur to kick-off the new chapter in Wolf’s music production history. Contrary to the paranoid, claustrophobic atmosphere of albums such as End of the World Rave, this release is ecstatic techno music with jungle influences yet still thoroughly rooted […]

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ANTIFUR releases “The Complete ANTIFUR Tape Collection”

Those who are interested in owning a bit of hardvapor history from one of the genre’s founding labels should check out ANTIFUR’s recent release of The Complete ANTIFUR Tape Collection. This short-run release encompasses the three albums that ANTIFUR has released on physical cassette format thus far in its lifespan: Trends by Meineke // Humanoid Sound; There Is Truth in […]

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