Bedlam Tapes double release: Vincent Remember and Hantasi

Bedlam Tapes released two albums yesterday: Culture Vulture by Vincent Remember and CA S  T LE by Hantasi. The former album is an ECCOJAMS/vaporhop release that utilizes plunderphonics sampling to mix together various hip-hop/R&B samples and other pop jams. The entire album is self-referential, with several tracks (e.g. “The Jam (420 Remix)” and “Touch the Ground”) using similar samples and calling back to […]

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Bedlam Tapes releases “Umami Deluxe” by ArtFluids

Bedlam Tapes returns for July with Umami Deluxe by ArtFluids. “Umami” describes the savory taste of meat, as distinct as sweet, sour, salty, and bitter with regards to taste palates. This release is a rather eclectic sixteen-track full-length of vaporwave and chillwave tracks with frequent glitch-esque aspects. For example(s): second track “emOji utOpia” sounds like two songs are being played […]

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Bedlam Tapes releases “toggle god mode” by ext.tmp

Bedlam Tapes is back with toggle god mode, a chillwave/vaportrap release by ext.tmp. Each of its nine tracks are similar to IDM in the sense that they’re made for heady listening, not necessarily dancing; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t move along to something like “recycleactor”. Recommended for fans of Blank Banshee, STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ, and mid-90s Aphex Twin. It’s […]

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