Bludhoney releases “Gaze” by w u s o 命 & Sangam

Bludhoney officially released a much-awaited collaboration between cyberpunk music artists w u s o 命 and Sangam this past week. The release is titled Gaze, and it’s a five-track split available on a variety of physical and digital media options. w u s o 命’s solo music generally includes dreampunk-esque cityscape vibes that include strong percussive elements; Sangam’s lean toward […]

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Bludhoney releases “Calculus” by Rashida Prime

Returning to Bludhoney is the ambient/cyberpunk artist Rashida Prime, who started off producing dreampunk-related music and now focuses on their own blend of new age/progressive electronica and ambient electronic music. Calculus is a six-track album that emphasizes the “ambient” side of their music similar to that explored by HKE through the 2814 and Subaeris projects. It’s available for $5 USD […]

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Bludhoney releases “we could die here” by we could die here

The eponymous album from we could die here is now available through the Bludhoney label, the label’s fourteenth overall release. we could die here is primarily cinematic ambient music with some hints of dreampunk, as on “death” and “shimmer”. It’s available for $5 USD as a digital download. The cassette editions are already sold out (Bludhoney goes out fast, y’all!). […]

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