Business Casual releases “Stray” by Diskette Park

Business Casual hasn’t been too into vaporwave for the last couple of years, but Diskette Park’s new full-length Stray brings it all back in twenty tracks. This release is classic-style vaporwave/signalwave created by sample curation of various adult contemporary and muzak tracks, giving it an early 90s computer vibe. Many tracks feature degradation such as audible crackle and bit-rate decay […]

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Business Casual releases “Dissension” by Roex

Dissension is some exceptionally high-octane synthwave music from Roex, brought to you by the Business Casual label (which releases a new album every Friday). Dissension is a double-album by length with eleven tracks between six and ten minutes long, all having a shining synth aesthetic that incorporates old-school 90s dance music and electronica. (Edit: since brought to my attention this […]

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Business Casual releases “CIRCLES AND TRIANGLES” by AlterSun

Oh yeah, this is retro – and I mean retro. CIRCLES AND TRIANGLES is a new full-length from AlterSun available through Business Casual that was released on 4/20 this past Friday. This release is a throwback synthpop/new wave album in the purest form of the mid-80s. Expect double-tracked, self-harmonizing vocals and liberal use of both synthesizer keyboards and drum machines. […]

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