Junk Maker Sounds releases “PLUG AND PLAY SPLIT (PLATINUM EDITION)” by NHL95 / MADDEN 95

A split between NHL95 and MADDEN95 is a match made in heaven – and not just for the obvious reasons. Both artists are from Italy, and they play a mix of chiptune music and plunderphonics samplism that they call “chiptune-punk”. PLUG AND PLAY SPLIT (PLATINUM EDITION) is a split full-length with six tracks from NHL95 and seven from MADDEN95. The […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Club Nights and the Mourning After” by Scratchboxxe / SUNSET PRISM LTD.

Club Nights and the Mourning After is a split release between Scratchboxxe and SUNSET PRISM LTD. through DMT Tapes FL. Befitting the name, this album is full of vaporwave edits of popular music, starting off with “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. The Scratchboxxe half is mostly sample curation, and that of SUNSET PRISM LTD. incorporates a ton of phasing as if […]

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Junk Maker Sounds releases “ベルベットの記憶” by ベルベット73-95

ベルベット73-95 has released three albums now on Junk Maker Sounds, which is based out of New York State. ベルベットの記憶 is a continuation of the artist’s explorations into classic-style vaporwave, especially focusing on lo-fi aesthetics with instrumental media samples. The songs are all between one and two minutes in length. Choice track is “I’VE+BEEN+WAITING”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. […]

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