DMT Tapes FL releases “Fragments” by REdcloud64

REdcloud64 changes up their capitalization depending on the label and release. Sometimes it’s redcloud64, sometiems it’s Redcloud64, and here it’s REdcloud64. Yeah, the capitalized “e” is not a typo. Fragments is an eighteen-track album of classic-style vaporwave that’s built on vaporwave samplism/plunderphonics tropes with tons of reverb and repetition of samples, often layering them over each other just a hair’s […]

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Shatterfoil Industries releases “Nü Office OS” by アナログMESSIAH

It’s always interesting to receive albums for appraisal that sound like they could either be sample curation or classic-style, original vaporwave. Nü Office OS by アナログMESSIAH fits that mold. This album – released today through Shatterfoil Industries – is the artist’s newest full-length and first for Shatterfoil Industries, following another release on Gulf Audio Company. Nü Office OS is a […]

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