AOTW | 29 October – 4 November: Trademarks & Copyrights – Flashback

Of all the vaporwave artist names, Trademarks & Copyrights has to be the most self-aware. From the genre’s inception, issues of copyright and whether or not vaporwave artists actually own their songs have been in the forefront of discussion. Just take a walk over to the vaporwave subreddit or check out some early archived posts on 4chan; each week, there’ll […]

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Power Lunch releases “American Cities (CST_MST​​)​​, Vol. I” by 良い乗り物 through the city

良い乗り物 through the city is a project headed up by VitoJames of DMT Tapes FL, a label based out of Florida that specializes in classic-style vaporwave releases and production. This project focuses on making classic-style and sample curation efforts that are themed around certain American cities. Most releases are EPs of only a few tracks (and only a few more […]

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