Night Light Tapes releases “Untitled” by MIT99

New release from Night Light Tapes this past Friday! Pseudonymous artist MIT99’s newest release is simply Untitled. It’s comprised of two tracks of exactly fourteen minutes and twenty-eight seconds each that act as two “day” and “night” halves of a whole. Both tracks are “meditative ambient” music that will appeal to fans of dreampunk given the distinct cyberpunk bent. The […]

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Collapsed Structures releases “Hidden” by Sour Gout

Collapsed Structures has released its second album following the Steel and Decay compilation. Hidden by Sour Gout is a new seven-track full-length of ambient cyberpunk music. Hidden utilizes piano melodies in addition to the washed-out synthesizers and studio effects present in cyberpunk. Sour Gout notably incorporates some field recordings and ambient sounds, as with rainfall on the title track. Hidden […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “The City Is My Friend” by Remember

The City Is My Friend is new music from the ambient artist Remember (who also produces ghost tech/hardvapour music as Jude Frankum). It’s available through Dream Catalogue, which released Remember’s ambient/dreampunk debut ルートバックホーム in 2015 (which is available for cassette pre-order through the end of this month). The City Is My Friend combines cityscape ambient music with the occasional hip-hop […]

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