Bludhoney releases “Listless City” by kubrixXx

The new Bludhoney album is finally out after a couple weeks of teasing! Listless City by kubrixXx is an album of cyberpunk music whose aesthetic recalls urban cyberpunk albums such as Lonely Streets by w u s o 命, 新しい日の誕生 by 2814, and ルートバックホーム by Remember. Have I increased your expectations? Good. Listless City utilizes the half-glitch-hop, half-Blade Runner soundtrack […]

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Antifur releases “Tuned” by Álom

Does hardvapor kinda turn you off? Then give this a shot. Tuned by Álom is a ten-track album out on the (in)famous hardvapor label Antifur that’s heavily inspired by dreampunk and modern cyberpunk music rather than the crazy dark techno that typically informs hardvapor. Recommended for fans of Kamokata and modern Oneohtrix Point Never. Hell, just listen to it. It’s […]

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Two Bogus Collective releases: CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N and 満潮

Here are two albums from Bogus Collective that came out this past weekend and Monday when Sunbleach underwent a personality crisis. Alternative Reality by CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N is a dreampunk/vapordrone album that’s just as cyberpunk-dystopian as its title suggests. It is eight tracks of ambient and vague yet menacing synthesizer music that will please fans of […]

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