ACID MEDICAL releases “Infinite Solar Fields” by 2047

2047 is a moniker of the owner and operator of ACID MEDICAL, a highly experimental label that releases dreampunk and vaporwave music influenced by dark ambient, noise music, and drone. Infinite Solar Fields flows hard on the “drone” side; it’s a three-track EP of soft, barely-changing drone that almost lapses into lowercase. Recommended for fans of Guardian by Virtual Dream […]

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Midnight Moon Tapes releases “Black Mesa Research Facility” by 猫 シ Corp. & Mezzaluna

Black Mesa Research Facility is a split between 猫 シ Corp. & Mezzaluna out on Midnight Moon Tapes. The album is a mallsoft (mesasoft?) and vaporgoth release that explores the titular Black Mesa Research Facility of the Half-Life series of first-person shooter games. Each track explores a different aspect of the facility, ostensibly before the incident around which the first […]

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الوهيم – ♦☼♦

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♦☼♦ is an unlikely addition to the Seikomat/Sud Swap Audio Brewing/Botanica1 family of labels, which generally focus on uptempo and positive-affect vaporwave in classic-style and hypnagogic drift forms. In contrast, this album is entirely vaporgoth. Released in September 2016, ♦☼♦ is an eight-track mini-album that implores the listener to “gather your limbs, shake the earth from your flesh”. […]

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