DMT Tapes FL releases “the fallen ground” by Beckon Apparition

New music from Beckon Apparition, one of the many pseudonymous (and only pseudonymous – few of the monikers have been attached to people definitively) projects through the DMT Tapes FL label. The label usually releases works along the lines of sample curation and classic-style vaporwave with a wall-of-sound production; the fallen ground pretty much throws those expectations out of the […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Impuls” by Kanal Vier

Impuls is the DMT Tapes FL version of signalwave. This album from Kanal Vier – using full-width characters, as is the custom – is fourteen tracks of extremely short samples repeated several times over the span of a minute or less. Whereas many signalwave artists (e.g. Infinity Frequencies) use a minimalist, melancholic approach to the music or utilize noise, Impuls […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “CONE•ZONE” by Hantasi

Hantasi is one of the artistic directors (that’s really the best way to put it) of Online Records alongside claudia. They’re also extremely active outside of OR, releasing many albums on a variety of different labels such as DMT Tapes FL, for which CONE•ZONE was released. This four-track, hour-long release is filled with vapornoise/vapordrone. Hantasi takes extant media and original […]

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