DMT Tapes FL releases “Dirty Odyssey” by V//Tomo

Returning to DMT Tapes FL is V//Tomo, a classic-style vaporwave producer who’s been releasing music for a few years now. Dirty Odyssey is a new full-length album of pure classic-style that utilizes some aspects of hip-hop turntablism. Tracks like “Too Much, Too Fast” (the choice track) are primarily slowed-down samples, but there are multiple tracks overlaid on top of each […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Last Dayz ov Summer” by Reflections from Nowhere

If this album is any show, Reflections from Nowhere is pretty sad at summer being over. Last Dayz ov Summer (note the Behemoth-styled character choice) is a full-length album of dark ambient music with tribal percussion, distorted samples, and lots of stock field recordings to simulate the passage of summer and the slow march to winter that awaits us all. […]

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