Adhesive Sounds releases “thru the waves” by mendocci

Continuing today’s trend of non-vaporwave releases on vaporwave (or formerly vaporwave) labels, thru the waves is new music available by mendocci on Adhesive Sounds. This twelve-track full-length is breakbeat music with some aspects of downtempo music and trip-hop. Choice track is “on the beach”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $7 USD on CD-R in an edition […]

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LATEMOTIVE – 01100010

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ 01100010 is the ninety-ninth release on Latinwave, a label based out of Central America that caters to vaporwave artists of Hispanic heritage. This three-track EP is the only release thus far from LATEMOTIVE. It focuses on hypnagogic drift with some elements of vaporhop. The first two tracks are mostly ambient works with some small whispers of beat. The […]

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Midnight Moon Tapes releases “Lust and the Downward Spiral” by Pursuing Paradise

That is one beautiful album artwork. Midnight Moon Tapes has released new music by Pursuing Paradise titled Lust and the Downward Spiral. This album is a huge mix of styles ranging from downtempo music to outrun to classic-style vaporwave; the best analogue is no lives matter by chris†††, and I’m fully aware of the connotations behind such a comparison. There […]

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