TKX Vault closes down

In an announcement coinciding with the release of Hong Kong Express by Hong Kong Express, the experimental electronic/vaporwave label TKX Vault has officially closed. Hong Kong Express is the fiftieth release within the Vault (formerly known as Tokyo Exchange), and with its release the label will no longer feature new albums. The label’s music will still be accessible for the […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “Brasil World Cup 2034” by wosX

British label Dream Catalogue is one of the foremost producers of vaporwave music and all of its permutations. Today, they released Brasil World Cup 2034 by wosX. It sounds highly influenced by futuristic video games such as the Wipeout series, and it has a significant beat-oriented vibe. There’s some Latin feeling as well, as heard on “Tangibilidade.” It’s available for […]

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断片化された友人 – Fragmented Memories

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fragmented Memories is six hours long. That’s ridiculous. 断片化された友人1 is marketed as a supergroup of seven high-profile vaporwave artists, but it’s not. Only twenty-one of the sixty-nine tracks are collaborative, and almost none of them feature every member. The tracks are rarely any different from what any artist puts on their solo albums, giving this album the impression […]

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