Dream Catalogue releases “Inferia Riviera” by Shadow Trawler

Finishing up the massive catch-up from vacation weeks (I can finally breathe again!) is a new release from Dream Catalogue titled Inferia Riviera. From the artist Shadow Trawler, this release is a single twenty-five minute track of dark ambient music that heavily utilizes field recordings and cracks/pops. Recommended for fans of The Caretaker. Put it into your trance-music playlist; as […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “Mount to Nothing” by Sangam

Mount to Nothing is a new dreampunk release by Sangam for the dreampunk-codifying label Dream Catalogue. This album contains twelve tracks of melancholy cyberpunk-ambient music that primarily relies on washes of synthesizer music with lots of reverb. Recommended for fans of Shima33 and mid-2015 HKE. It is currently available for £4 GBP as a digital download, and there are plans […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “Later Tonight” by The Artist Is Unknown

Dream Catalogue continues its productive last couple of weeks with new music from The Artist Is Unknown – and whether that’s a moniker or if the artist is actually unknown is not something I can answer. Later Tonight is eight tracks of music perfectly placed in the “ghost tech” milieu of electronic cyberpunk music that utilizes skeletal beats with slight […]

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