Dream Catalogue releases “Obsidian Butterfly” by Steel Diamonds

Obsidian Butterfly is new music from the experimental electronica artist Steel Diamonds, who’s released on labels such as SHUT_INS, HVRF, and Dark Triad Records. Judging by those three names, you’d expect Obsidian Butterfly to have some techno or hardvapour influence, but this full-length is more like an ambient/cyberpunk album that features synthesizers, electronic ambient, and piano melodies mixed together. Choice […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “Air.” by Storm Division Eight

Dream Catalogue continues its release of cyberpunk-drone music with the full-length Air. by Storm Division Eight. This release consists of two long-form ambient tracks in seventeen and twenty-one minutes, respectively. Both tracks are named after chords used in the music. Tracks start off with synthesizer drone music that incorporates field recordings and distortion. Recommended for fans of Slime Domain and […]

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