Flamingo Vapor releases “x is a line” by saneLIV & Ryan Nilson

x is a line is a collaborative full-length between saneLIV and Ryan Nilson. It is released through the Flamingo Vapor label, which is slowly becoming less and less vaporwave-oriented and opening itself to a variety of modern electronica and modern cyberpunk music. x is a line incorporates old-school dreampunk releases with modern clear production, occasionally sounding like something that’d be […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “The Embrace Between The Circus And The Sky” by Silk Demon

Continuing the series of dark ambient by artists like Metagyndes and Shadow Trawler, The Embrace Between The Circus And The Sky by Silk Demon is new cyberpunk music out on the Dream Catalogue label. The Embrace Between The Circus And The Sky consists of seven tracks that begins with slowly building drone music that eventually adopts some old-school dreampunk aesthetics […]

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Bludhoney releases “Calculus” by Rashida Prime

Returning to Bludhoney is the ambient/cyberpunk artist Rashida Prime, who started off producing dreampunk-related music and now focuses on their own blend of new age/progressive electronica and ambient electronic music. Calculus is a six-track album that emphasizes the “ambient” side of their music similar to that explored by HKE through the 2814 and Subaeris projects. It’s available for $5 USD […]

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