Recommendation: ☹ As can be gleaned from the name, TWAYNG McGRAW is a novelty vaporwave project that focuses on ECCOJAMS edits of country and pop-country songs. 失望1 is a ten-track mini-album that is available through Bogus Collective, a label run by air jordans™ and TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL that primarily releases uptempo classic-style and hypnagogic drift albums. All tracks are composed via extreme […]

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death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – DERELICTメガタワー

Recommendation: ☀☀☁ DERELICTメガタワー1 – a.k.a. “The Behemoth” – is a four-hour, 84-track set of vaporwave music from death’s dynamic shroud.wmv (hereafter “dds.wmv”), a semi-collective of artists who collaborate and work solo under the dds.wmv name. One of the longest releases in mainstream vaporwave (insofar as something like that even exists), DERELICTメガタワー is the crown jewel to dds.wmv’s NUWRLD series of […]

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