Elemental 95 releases “Sad News” by Dante Mars Ajeto!

Elemental 95 – a label that most releases classic-style vaporwave – announced the newest album from Dante Mars Ajeto!, called Sad News. In contrast to the artist’s future funk output (e.g. ), Sad News is droney classic-style music with heavy post-processing and ECCOJAMS approach. But not the party-flavor of, say, Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS, but the vaguely unsettling kind of 2010/2011 […]

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tech noir – 齐

Recommendation: ✂ (“實驗-B405”) tech noir is a side project of 회사auto, one of the foremost artists in the convergence between vaporwave, IDM, and instrumental hip-hop. In contrast to the main project’s energy,1 this one is extremely ambient, with a preponderance of albums that utilize long, (mostly) wordless, beatless samples that evoke a cinematic feel, although the latter albums take considerable […]

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Elemental 95 releases “m3m0ry 2k” by MindSpring Memories & Y 2 K

Floridian label Elemental 95 announced a split release between MindSpring Memories and Y 2 K, called m3m0ry 2k. The first three tracks are long-form classic-style vaporwave from MindSpring Memories, and the last three are shorter hypnagogic pop releases with telepath-style shifting and effects. The middle track is a twenty-six long droney excursion into ECCOJAMS, hypnagogic drift, and classic-style vaporwave. The […]

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