Elemental 95 releases “Blunt Musik” by V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフト

Blunt Musik, huh? Hey Brian Eno, your next album is Music for Blunts. (Checks payable to Sunbleach Media.) This album features nine tracks of sample curation featuring some classic-style repetition of mostly adult contemporary and smooth jazz tracks that sound pulled straight from the late-night FM radio station to which your mom would always listen in the car on the […]

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Elemental 95 releases “SaVe FoR a RAiNy DaY” by Θ⌐6απΣ╙╙ε §bÿ

Back in vaporwave’s early days (~2010/2011), the genre was a lot more surreal than the host of classic-style/sample curation that’s come since, with artists like 骨架的 and Datavision Ltd. making some surprisingly spooky music that was rooted in screwing with plundered samples as much as they could possibly go while still retaining some aspects of musicality. Θ⌐6απΣ╙╙ε §bÿ for Elemental […]

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Elemental 95 releases “guided light” by dropbassline.

New fun stuff as always from Elemental 95, a French label that specializes in old-school vaporwave genres. guided light is a new full-length from dropbassline. (period included in the name), which combines vaporhop, future funk, and hypnagogic drift. In contrast to the breakbeat aesthetics present in most contemporary vaporhop, guided light merges 90s trip-hop percussion with the French house aesthetic. […]

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