Collapsed Structures releases “Holocryptograms” by Lila Tirando a Violeta & Snakepiss

Holocryptograms is a collaborative album between Lila Tirando a Violeta and Snakepiss, the former of which is a Uruguayan vaporwave/hardvapour artist; the latter, hardvapour. Holocryptograms mixes original vocals with ghost tech instrumentation, creating a somewhat gothic atmosphere to be played in an underground Chinatown club at 2AM. It’s available for $4 CAD as a digital download; a cassette release is […]

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House of the Leg releases “METAPOLiS: HiDDEN DiSTRiCT” by KöSHRiMP

METAPOLiS: HiDDEN DiSTRiCT by KöSHRiMP is the third in the artist’s Métapolis series, which started with Métapolis – Département Isolation Temporelle on Adhesive Sounds in 2015 and continued with Métapolis – Educational Program [Tape 01] on Bogus Collective in July 2017. This album appears on House of the Leg, a UK label that specializes in garage music, electronica, and ghost […]

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House of the Leg releases “Dulled” by Kagami Smile

UK label House of the Leg has released a new EP from the artist Kagami Smile, who has released albums on Dream Catalogue and Tekres. Kagami Smile is primarily known for releasing “ghost tech” music, which Tekres founder Halo Acid once described as “dance music for introverts” that incorporates garage music, IDM, and ambient/dreampunk. Dulled is four tracks that’re perfect […]

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