SHUT_INS is a fairly eclectic label, and REFLECTIONS is a fairly eclectic release. This new album by MALK combines lo-fi hip-hop (“Zero Gravity”), ghost tech (“Amber Leaf”), and hardvapour (“1 Note Samba”) with some extremely high-quality production. It fits in well among other releases from SHUT_INS including last year’s release from New Shoppe and this year’s releases from Des Une […]

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Chungking Mansions – Encyclies

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ Vaporwave is an exceptional genre of music for many reasons, but one in particular is how many artists flit around through different labels, subgenres, techniques, and style within a small bit of time. It helps that the genre is so interconnected – just take a look at Dream Catalogue and follow who’s worked on what with whom – […]

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Kudatah releases “Emotionless Passion” by HKE

The third installment to HKE’s Sequence 777 series is now out (wow, already?). Emotionless Passion, available through Kudatah, is a seven-track release of ghost tech music with influences from dub, ambient techno, and dreampunk. Choice cuts are “White Aura” and “Manila”, both of which have a slight hardvapour aesthetic that will appeal to fans of previous installment Heel Aesthetic, which […]

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